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Our Name

Of course it is always a special challenge to give a Line Dance group its future name. For one, it should be catchy, on the other hand, create a connection.


The US state of Louisiana is known for its typical Southern hospitality. He is multicultural, multilingual and of a special kind. Because of its heraldic bird, the pelican, Louisiana is also affectionately called "the Pelican State".


In Louisiana you can be enchanted by the mysterious charm of the old South. The original marshes, the so-called "Bayous", the historic plantations or the good old Mississippi, Louisiana combines harmony, hospitality and joie de vivre like hardly any other US state.


And so Louisiana and his heraldic bird, the pelican and his wings, were godfather to our naming LOUISIANA WINGS.

We also wanted to take over these attributes of Louisiana for our Line Dance group. We want to treat all people hospitably and respectfully. Everyone should feel welcome with us. We want to preserve the original, the historic of the Line Dance, but also be open to new. Sometimes we want to be fiery like the chilli sauce Tabasco and then rustic again like the Cajun.


Maybe the Louisiana Wings will eventually take a ride on an old paddle steamer on the Mississippi or try our luck at one of the many riverboat casinos.


Who knows where our wings are going?

Your Louisiana Wings

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Our Teachers


How do you get to Line Dancing in Ostfriesland? An interesting question that we would like to answer today.


It all started a long time ago with the love of country music. Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash & Co, both of us have always loved this music. In 2012 we had the opportunity to participate in a line dance course for beginners. And what shall we say, it was madness. From the first dance on, it was love at the first step. Full of zeal we rushed head over heels in learning the various dances. We were always there, we danced at shows, attended country and line dance festivals and got to know so many other Line Dance groups. Everything seemed perfect.

But life is what happens while you are planning. Bernhard fell ill in 2013 with leukemia. Our whole life suddenly got upside down. There was no room for Line Dancing at the moment.

After Bernhard was released from the hospital again, we started slowly to dance Line Dancing, but it was not the same as before. At the end of 2014 we decided to found our own Line Dance group. We wanted to bring the fun and the joy back to the foreground and above all, to integrate the Catalan Style in our group.


Margit's history (fitness trainer with B-license) made teaching her the dances very easy from the start. Since then, a lot has happened, we started with 8 dancers - today we are 35. And the best part is, the fun and the joy are still in the foreground.


We are infinitely grateful that we were able to meet so many great people through the Line Dance.

At this point a big thank you to our Louisiana's and to all who enrich our lives with their friendship and loyalty. Nice to have you.


Margit & Bernhard

We and Leukin

Leukin Bild BvK.png

The association LEUKIN has been involved in the fight against leukemia since 1996. This insidious disease can usually only be cured by a stem cell donation.

Numerous typesetting campaigns have already identified more than 801 stem cell donors (genetic twins). What it means to find a suitable donor and thus have the chance to continue living, can also be understood by a member of our group. When the diagnosis of leukemia entered Bernhard's life, everything changed suddenly.

With the support of LEUKIN and later finding his "genetic twin", his life could be saved and today he dances happily in our "line" again.

For this loving support and helpfulness, we would like to thank LEUKIN, and in particular the first chairman Anna Fennen, very much.


Anna - there are stars that shine brighter.


We want to support the tireless work of Anna Fennen and LEUKIN by donating part of our performance fees to the association.


Help is the most beautiful thing there is!

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