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Dance & Barbecue

On September 24, 2016, our first Dance & Barbecue Workshop Party with Heiko Lattner took place in Jübberde, in the guesthouse "Zum Grünen Jäger". For this we welcomed 170 Line Dance guests together with the Lonesome Riders from Moordorf.


With Heiko Lattner we met a charming, likeable person, who led the workshop with humor and confidence. It was a great, eventful day that we will remember for a long time to come.


A big thank you also to all Line Dance groups. Monique Frohne, the Hot Fire Boots, the Country Coast Dancer, the Flash Liner, the Silver Lining, Helga Rössler Line Dance Bremen, the Heel Jacks, the Lucky Boots, Monika Böckmann, the Lucky Liner Bingum, the White Roses, the Hat and Boots, the Lightning Boots, the Burning Boots, the Bloomtown Dancer, the Linestars WHV, the Line Dance Rebels Aschaffenburg, the Lonesone Riders and of course us, the Louisiana Wings. Thank you for allowing us to spend this great day with YOU all. We look forward to seeing you again today!

Catalan meets Classics

A new way is born!

It was an attempt - which certainly ends in a sequel. On June 16, 2018, the Louisiana Wings invited to the first Catalan meets Classics Workshop with Lilly & Mario Hollnsteiner.


The likeable couple from Austria arrived with a "little surprise" in their luggage - Lilly is pregnant! Congratulations again at this point and all the best for you.

At 4:00 pm the workshop started and was alternately led by Lilly & Mario. Sovereign and professional, the 2017 Star Award winners presented their choreographies.

In total, four very beautiful Catalan dances were taught. Afterwards there was a delicious American barbecue, where Family Lüning once again put their skills to the test. The eaten calories could be danced at the next Line Dance party. Here, both the Catalan style and the classic Line Dance were served alternately.

The dance list was very well received. We would like to thank all those who helped to plan this great day.

We especially thank Lilly & Mario for unforgettable hours and look forward to seeing you again today.

We are very excited and happy to have brought these two Line Dance styles together so successfully. The dancers have once again proved that everyone speaks and understands a common language, namely Line Dancing. We want to discover new dances and have fun together.

Popular Dance

Popular 11.jpg
Popular 03.2020.jpg
pop 09.jpg
pop 2019.png
pop 2018.png
pop 2016.png

The new Top 30 - the most popular dances in our region - The Popular Dance!


On February 24, 2019, it was time again. In the saloon of the Lightning Boots in Wiesmoor, the coaches of the local Line Dance groups met again to discuss the alignment of the dances for the next half-year. Included were Bloomtown Line Dancers, Burning Boots, Country Angels, Country Coast Dancers, Country Rebels, East Frisian Liners, Hat and Boots, Heel Jacks, Hot Fire Boots, Lightning Boots, Linestars, Lonesome Riders, Louisiana Wings, Norder Coast Liners as well as the White Roses.

In advance, all Line Dance groups were asked to submit a vote of their current favorite dances. The complete evaluation resulted in the Top 30 now available here.

In addition, two new dances have been nominated, which should be included in all groups within the next six months: All The Kings Horses and Thank You.

We wish all our Line Dance friends a lot of fun practicing and hope to dance some of these most popular dances of our region with you soon. See you on the dancefloor ...


Here you can find the current ranking as well as the votes of previous years.

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